Caitlin’s company is special because of her ability to understand and capture what each client is uniquely trying to express. She designs according to each client’s individual needs.
— Claire C.

The client, a well-known trailblazing comic who spends most of her time on the road, needed to transform her home from a luggage-filled way station to a cozy and a nurturing place to rest and recharge. We focused on three key areas—her bedroom, study (formerly known as the “luggage locker”), and outdoor areas. We clad her bedroom walls in stately wood paneling and planted dwarf maple trees on the deck so that the first thing she sees upon waking is a show of fall foliage, reminding her of her childhood in New England.


In a true blend of form and function, we transformed the study into a self-contained guest room, replacing a closet with a cove-like daybed complete with suitcase storage.


We turned the patio from an exposed display of urban outcropping, with no privacy or shade, to a redwood-decked oasis.

Decor2 (1).jpg