Sunset Media Center

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Reinventing the modern creative workspace by honoring what worked in the past
and embracing the best of the present.
— Caitlin Scanlon

A high-profile television and film company approached us with a unique challenge—design a space that conveys their company ethos, fosters team interaction, and also provides privacy and security—Hollywood executives still do make their deal magic on the phone (behind closed doors). Our concept involved carefully carving out public and private spaces while also facilitating a vibrant, interactive work environment that visually represents the company’s unique brand, without revealing their projects.

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Because the company derives most of their content from literary sources, we designed a bookshelf-divider and filled the reception side with vignettes that nod to the founder’s favorite films, and the core cinematic elements of drama and timing.

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Our unique challenge—design a space that conveys the company ethos, fosters team interaction and also provides areas for quiet conversation.